Le Jie company was formally established in 2002 July, is a focus on the core technology of pipe production enterprises.
HDPE pipe (water), HDPE (gas), the siphon drainage, HDPE srwpe, PE pipe (drainage, threading) are the four core products owned by Le Jie. "World class manufacturing" is Le Jie Business philosophy. Le Jie company pioneered the use of international orientation of traditional enterprise, give up "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "Chinese brand" and other honorary application, focusing on the manufacture world-class products.

      Le Jie refused to mediocrity, Le Jie person at any time can make you feel their creativity. In the music clean team, not a long boring meeting and flow, each Le Jie were in partnership working atmosphere of equality, relaxed, enjoy with technologies, products, design and other top talent common business growth of pleasure.

Simple, sincere, professional, diligent, honest, open, honest, thrift
We have no hierarchical, every employee is equal, every colleague is my partner. Le Jie advocating honesty contracted management culture. We hated the long meeting and process, play to their creativity in partnership working atmosphere relaxed in.
We believe that is the driving force of the user, we adhere to the "world class manufacturing" product concept.


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